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Examples of the required fields on the files that we will need from you:

-Bill of Materials (BOM) in CSV (or Excel).
-Copper, silkscreen, and solder paste layer gerbers in RS274X format.
-XYRS data file (Pick-n-place, component locator, or X, Y, rotation, side data – Centroid of parts)

We use custom software routines to read data from most CAD programs. However, normal usage has this data in a spreadsheet or a single line textual format.

1) Your BOM needs to provide the information in a machine-readable format.
The following is an .XLS example which would work for us:

Reference Designators C1C4-C6C10-1416
Value .1uF 50V
Description High freq NPO
Digikey Part Number(or MFG PN) Capxxxx-ND
Decal/package(Optional) 0805

2) Gerber layers: For any side with SMT parts we need three layers: copper, paste, and silk.

Copper layer for scaling
Paste for stencil (note: not solder stop or solder mask)
Silk Verification of the polarity of diodes caps and ICs


3) The XYRS information would be based on component centroid (or Pin1) and used by our pick-n-place machine.
This information allows us to perform a quick and near perfect placement of our SMT components.

Although a CSV/XLS format is suggested for this information, we understand that various CAD programs will generate this in a ‘text’ format that is ‘standard’ (for a given CAD system). Some custom formats that we currently support include: PADs ASCII, Orcad Insert, and Eagle MNT.

The following is a usable example:

Reference Designator(s) C1
X 1.550mil
Y 2.634mil
Rotation 90
Side Top
Preferred Decal package 0805

Note: A standard reference designator format is requested in order to work well with our input routines.
This format is comprised of letters followed by numbers. “CCCC####” (Examples: R1, Res0001, R9999, RArr0001)

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