Electronics Manufacturing

At Imagine MFG, we excel in turning cutting-edge electronic concepts into high-quality, reliable products, serving a wide spectrum of industries with precision and expertise.

Electronics Manufacturing Services & Solutions

At Imagine MFG, we excel in providing flexible electronics manufacturing services, essential for businesses facing intense competitive pressures and escalating customer expectations. Our agility in manufacturing is crucial in an era of unprecedented innovation, shortening product lifecycles. As Arizona’s leading vertically integrated advanced electronics manufacturing solutions provider located in Gilbert, we deliver on our promise of speed, efficiency, and precision.

Our commitment to technological advancement is evident in our investment in State-of-the-Art flexible placement SMT equipment and automated inventory control systems. These advancements not only enhance our capabilities but also empower our customers with unparalleled value in electronics manufacturing.

Surface Mount Technologies

Imagine Mfg features a specialized 3000 sq. ft. area dedicated to surface mount assembly, meticulously designed to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, ensuring full ESD compliance. This advanced work center is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly trained professionals.

Currently, Imagine Mfg operates two High-Speed Juki Flexible Placement SMT assembly lines, carefully chosen for their superior workhorse performance, flexibility, and reliability. These state-of-the-art assembly lines significantly enhance Imagine’s capability to efficiently manage a wide range of high-mix productions, particularly in low to medium volume scenarios, with exceptional precision.


Prototype assembly services are crucial in the pre-production phase, and Imagine Mfg. excels in this area. Additionally, our expertise in prototype assembly ensures a seamless transition from customer design to production, reducing time-to-market for your products. This strategic approach positions Imagine Mfg as a leader in efficient and innovative prototype assembly solutions, ideal for businesses seeking to optimize their pre-production process.


Imagine MFG’s team of expert engineers is committed to maintaining superior quality standards for your PCBAs. Through extensive functional testing at both the board and systems level, we ensure that assemblies are free from defects, thereby upholding exceptional customer satisfaction. Our adherence to stringent procedural and quality guidelines enables us to identify and resolve issues before products are deployed in the field. Our skilled manufacturing and engineering staff are equipped to provide comprehensive support, ranging from prototype assembly to full-scale production, catering to all your project requirements with professionalism and precision.

Inventory Control

Imagine Mfg. enhances its material management for high-volume components with the integration of the Juki ISM Fortress. This advanced system functions as an expansive, humidity-controlled inventory control tower, streamlining the storage and accessibility of essential materials.

The Fortress efficiently houses all materials required for frequent high-volume component production. It eliminates the need for manual stockroom searches and component selection, as Imagine’s technicians can swiftly dispense necessary materials for assembly with a single button press. This automation not only saves significant time but also improves quality by consistently dispensing the correct components, thereby reducing the risk of human error in part selection.

Materials Procurement

Imagine MFG provides customers with the advantage of substantial purchasing power, a benefit often unattainable for many. Established in 1995, our long-standing relationships with top suppliers translate into significant cost savings for our clients. Our procurement process is streamlined through electronic integration with key suppliers’ inventories, utilizing both our quoting and ERP systems. This integration enables us to swiftly identify the most cost-effective sourcing options for our customers.

Our robust and automated supply chain offers numerous benefits. We take pride in efficiently managing our customers’ supply chains and inventories, freeing them from this complexity. Our Business Management System (BMS) includes stringent controls for supplier approval and safeguards against counterfeit parts. These measures not only enhance our customers’ operational efficiency but also contribute positively to their financial performance, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

Additionally, Imagine MFG’s approach extends beyond mere cost savings. We are deeply committed to ensuring the highest quality and reliability of the components we source. Our team conducts thorough due diligence on all suppliers, ensuring they meet our high standards for quality, ethical practices, and timely delivery. This meticulous approach to supplier selection and management not only fortifies the integrity of our supply chain but also instills confidence in our customers, knowing that their projects are supported by a network of trusted and vetted suppliers. 

Quality Control

Both management and staff are dedicated to establishing, documenting, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving our quality management system. This commitment ensures that our products and services not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Our business management system is underpinned by statistical process controls, instrumental in achieving our quality objectives. Key highlights of our quality system include:

  • Emphasis on total team responsibility for quality assurance.
  • An IPC-610 Certified process is followed, ensuring high standards in electronic assemblies.
  • Monitoring of test yields through Defects.
  • Rigorous inspection and testing protocols.
  • A comprehensive supplier performance rating system.
  • In-depth failure analysis and data collection.
  • Utilization of trend charts and Pareto analysis for quality control.
  • Stringent product tracking and configuration control mechanisms.

These elements collectively ensure the highest standards of quality in all our processes and outputs.

Juki High-Speed Flexible Placement

Imagine Mfg. operates two High-Speed Juki Flexible Placement SMT assembly lines, selected for their exceptional workhorse performance, versatility, and reliability. This advanced equipment platform enhances Imagine’s capability to efficiently handle a wide range of high-mix productions, accommodating low to medium volume requirements with utmost precision and efficiency.

In addition to their technical excellence, these assembly lines are designed for optimal scalability and adaptability, meeting the evolving needs of our diverse client base. This flexibility allows us to seamlessly adjust to varying production demands, ensuring timely delivery and consistent quality across all projects. The integration of these state-of-the-art assembly lines underscores Imagine Mfg.’s commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to provide superior manufacturing solutions.