What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

A little trivia for you: Bluetooth was actually named after a Viking, King Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson who become famous for uniting the kingdoms of Denmark and Norway way back in 970AD. He had absolutely nothing to do with the technology, but Ericsson engineer Sven Mattisson did and convinced his Intel colleague it was a good idea for a name during a pub crawl in Toronto and it stuck!

We love the story, but not as much as the technology, here’s Colin from the team at Adafruit to tell us how BLE works. If you think it could be a solution, ICA can make it happen.

Gadget of the month


A Microchip System on Module (S.O.M). Its like putting on your big boy pants after your raspberry PY.

The ATSAMA5D27-SOM1 is an industrial-grade microprocessor (MPU)-based System-On-Module (SOM). It is based on the ARM® Cortex®-A5 ATSAMA5D27C-D1G-CU System in Package (SiP) with integrated DRAM. This product was designed to streamline customer time-to-market by integrating the power management, non-volatile boot memory, Ethernet PHY and high speed, low-power DRAM onto a small, single-sided Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The SAMA5D27 SOM1 is built around a common set of proven Microchip components and limits the design rules of the main application board, reducing overall PCB complexity and cost.


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